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Free Sex Chat provides services for adults only. Our site contains explicit material and may contain extreme sexual content, such as role playing scenarios which in real life may be considered as illegal or morally wrong by some.

These scenarios are created by users and has no control, authority or liability over it. The idea of this website is to ensure that all users have a good time, it’s all fantasy and if there is something that you find offensive, you can simply ignore the offensive members or close the web page.

Ours is a free website where we allow adults from around the globe to communicate in global Sex Chat Rooms. offers a plethora of features including global chatting with the entire user base, one on one chatting with specific individuals, the use of your microphone or webcam, uploading videos or images into the Sex Chat Rooms, creating mini profiles, viewing pre recorded content in the video gallery and a lot more. We are not a one on one Live Cams site but you can avail this feature too.

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When it comes to sex chat services, we know what our users want and based on that our users can get what they like, what their computer is capable of, and what they're looking for on our site.

We understand that some of our members might be married or in a relationship, thus they want to have free sex chat in a discreet manner. They can enjoy discreet text only chat which makes it easy for them to hide their identity. Single members can not only watch adults live on webcam but also act out for other users in the adult cam chat rooms. We cater to needs of both and they will be surely entertained in our sex chat rooms.

To give our users a great experience and to ensure that our services are better than the competitors, we use different software, and offer a lot of options to users to enhance or restrict their experience. As a user, you have access to various privacy settings; such as a member who is not on your friends list cannot message you, you can turn off auto features and sounds, reject cam requests from people you don’t know. But, if you want you can let everyone view your webcam without being prompted and receive messages from any member without any restriction.